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Film review: Eastern Memories

Eastern Memories

Since I saw the short film Nobody’s River at the European Outdoor Film Tour 2014, I feel a great interest for Mongolia. In this film four women from the USA went on a two-month kayak tour on the river Amur. This river rises in the east of Mongolia and flows for thousands of kilometers to the Pacific – as a border river between Russia and China. Yesterday I saw another film about Mongolia and my interest was fueled further: Eastern Memories. read more »

Project: Antarctica

Project: Antarctica

Today I watched the movie Project: Antarctica – The Journey of our Lifetime in the Odeon-Cinema in Mannheim. The movie is completely different from what I had expected, and probably just because of that I liked it so much: It’s about three Germans, Tim, Dennis and Michael, who take the spontaneous decision to travel to Antarctica and create a movie about it. Of course, for me as a travel, nature and photography enthusiast, this was very interesting at first. I imagined that the film would offer spectacular scenery and wildlife pictures. And when I saw the trailer, I was also worried that it might be one of those self-staging projects that I often find on Instagram and Facebook (I feel like we’re ready to do everything for a little more attention and fame). read more »

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