Foto trip to Margarethen gorge


On Saturday, the 19th of January 2019 I made a small photo trip to the nearby Margarethen gorge. This place is indeed of magical beauty and it will certainly not be my last visit there.

The Margarethen gorge

First shot with Sony α 6000
First shot with Sony α 6000

The Margarethen gorge lies in the Odenwald, near Neckargerach. It runs over 300 metres and at the same time loses 110 metres in height. The stream that flows through it is called Flursbach and has more than eight waterfall steps. Fortunately, despite the cold, I had beautiful sunshine and the golden light greatly enriched the pictures.

New Camera

Majestic beauty
Majestic beauty

The special occasion of my trip was the inauguration of my new camera. My wonderful friend and great photographer, Arnold, sold it to me. After a few minutes I realized that the Sony α 6000 is absolutely amazing! I took a few pictures of the waterfalls with a long exposure and was fascinated by the silk effect on the water. But I noticed that the battery of this camera doesn’t last that long. Fortunately I also had the Nikon with me.

What a beautiful day

Golden light
Golden light

As I walked through the gorge making pictures, I also took plenty of time to appreciate the place without the camera. Immediately I felt the energy of nature flowing into me. And I also thought of the 20-year friendship between Arnold and me.

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  • Gerardo Mora

    LIndisimas todas!!!

  • Valentin

    Pero que buenas fotos, hermanooo!

    • Nils Manuel Mora

      Muchas gracias, Valen!!!!! Ojala pronto nos toque sacar fotos juntos!!!

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