About me

Thats where I lived as a child: Patagonia

My name is Nils Manuel Mora and I am half Argentinian and half German. Currently I live in Weinheim, Germany. Ever since my youth, I’ve been involved with web and graphic design, illustration and programming in my free time. For example, I programmed this entire website as my own WordPress template. In 2018 (I was temporarily living in Bariloche, Argentina) I also discovered photography as a hobby.

I would like to express my passion for these activities here on my website. In addition, I occasionally write about special experiences on my blog.

If you like my work, then follow me on Facebook, Instagram or 500px. If you would like me to do some graphic or web design for you, please use the contact form. Apart from that, I am always happy to meet new people in the field of photography. For example, to do some photo trip together or simply to exchange ideas and experiences. So please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

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