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My name is Nils Manuel Mora. I grew up in the Patagonian Andes of Argentina and currently live in Germany.

My great passion is landscape and nature photography. However, my focus is not necessarily on the technical aspects of photography. Rather, I perceive nature with its forests, mountains, and lakes as a magical place in which I feel connected to the universe. Being outdoors always brings me back into the flow, in harmony with myself, and in deep connection with life around me. I  capture this love and feeling of completeness in my pictures. Since this is not always possible with just photos, I also collect very special moments and experiences in my blog. You don’t want to miss any news on this site? –  Subscribe to my monthly e-mail newsletter!

When I am not taking pictures, I like to go on all kinds of adventures, go hiking, mountaineering or camping.

Apart from this website, you can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, 500px, and YouTube. I would be very happy if you follow me there and support my projects.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I would be delighted if you would get in touch with me using the contact form. You’re free to write in English, Spanish, or German.

I would also enjoy collaborations or joint photo trips with like-minded people.

Nils Manuel Mora