I love to travel and discover new places. In this context, I also like to write about special experiences and share my adventures with others. Of course you can not spend your whole life traveling. That’s why I also write about the the small and special things, about my thoughts and ideas. If you want to stay up to date on new posts, follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my newsletter / RSS-Feed. Here are my blog posts…

Hiking in the Triglav National Park

Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih

The easternmost part of the Alps is in Slovenia and is called the Julian Alps. For a long time, we had wanted to hike there. It is more natural, untouched and wilder than in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Italy. Let me take you with us on a wonderful 72 km hiking week in the Triglav National Park
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Exploring the Palatinate Forest


In the last few weeks I have discovered an extremely attractive outdoor, hiking and photography region: The Palatinate Forest! I have made my first trips there and am absolutely thrilled – especially since this low mountain range is only 1-2 hours away from my home. read more »

Foto trip to Margarethen gorge


On Saturday, the 19th of January 2019 I made a small photo trip to the nearby Margarethen gorge. This place is indeed of magical beauty and it will certainly not be my last visit there.

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On snowshoes in Switzerland

On Snowshoes in Switzerland

2018 was a year full of experiences, changes, growth and broadening of my horizon. At the end of the year, I needed a holiday that would enable me to process all these impressions and let them pass in review. Snowshoeing in Switzerland was just the thing! Four unforgettable days in Val Müstair with a perfect mixture of physical activity and relaxation. read more »

Film review: Eastern Memories

Eastern Memories

Since I saw the short film Nobody’s River at the European Outdoor Film Tour 2014, I feel a great interest for Mongolia. In this film four women from the USA went on a two-month kayak tour on the river Amur. This river rises in the east of Mongolia and flows for thousands of kilometers to the Pacific – as a border river between Russia and China. Yesterday I saw another film about Mongolia and my interest was fueled further: Eastern Memories. read more »

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