Photo-Hike to the Rötzenfelsen

Rötzenfelsen from the distance
Rötzenfelsen from the distance

We start the photo-hike to the Rötzenfelsen in Gossersweiler, a small village in the Palatinate Wasgau (a hill range). The best place to park is in front of the St. Elisabeth daycare center (1). From there we first follow the Felsenweg (path) to the north and then to the west until we reach a large riding stable. This is where the ascent to the Rötzenberg mountain (459 m a.s.l.) begins.

The spine of Rötzenberg Mountain

Photo-Hike to the Rötzenfelsen
Photo-Hike to the Rötzenfelsen

The path leads into the forest and then along some huge rocks called Isselmannsteine (2) to the south. These rocks are really impressive and run like a spine over the whole mountain ridge. Photographically, they offer hardly any special possibilities, as they are surrounded by trees. But nevertheless a wonderful place.

Taking a break at the Four-Castles-View

The Four-Castles-View

The next stop of the hike is a small hut that nestles against a rock on the eastern flank of Rötzenberg mountain: The so-called Four-Castles-View (3). This name is a bit flattering because without binoculars you can actually only see Trifels Castle. However, the beautiful view invites you to have a short break. If you take a closer look and are a bit familiar, you might discover Meistersel Castle and Neuscharfeneck Castle (behind Trifels), as well as Madenburg Castle (further south).

Sunrise at the Rötzenfelsen

Rötzenfelsen - Looking at the Moon
Looking at the Moon

Behind the hut, the path continues on steep serpentines up to the top of Rötzenberg mountain. We approach the absolute highlight of the photo-hike: the Rötzenfelsen (4). This rock formation looks like a long and narrow bridge, which falls down about 55 meters on both sides. You should be reasonably free from vertigo if you want to venture up here. Since the rock peak points to the southeast, the most beautiful light conditions can be expected at sunrise. The cross on the outermost tip of the Rötzenfels looks very photogenic. In the south, you can see the castle ruin Lindelbrunn. Info: In spring the Rötzenfelsen is closed to protect the peregrine falcons.

Sunrise at the Rötzenfelsen
Sunrise at the Rötzenfelsen


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Further information about Rötzenberg mountain: Wikipedia.


Here you can download a detailed PDF description of this photo spot for printing. It contains a description of the location and tips on how to get there. The file contains both an English and a German version.



  1. Patricia barnadas

    Really beautiul pictures and great experience Nils!!! I feel glad you are doing these new hikings and being connected to Nature!!!
    All the best!

    • Nils Manuel Mora

      Hoooolaa! Muchas gracias, Pachi! Si, estoy conociendo cada vez mas lugares hermosos y ademas pasando mucho tiempo en la naturaleza, rellenando las baterias. Espero que a ustedes tambien ya pronto se les alivie la situacion y que puedan disfrutar de toda la nieve! Te mando un gran abrazo y gracias por tu comentario!!


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