Hacking Attack

Some of you already got to know my old blog last year. I had put together a blog in German and Spanish, where I reported about my experiences in Argentina (now summed up here). It was a very nice way to stay in touch with my family and friends in Germany. But also, the people in Argentina liked to read what I experienced over there. I posted many photos and reports of excursions in my old blog. In the end, however, this website suffered a hacking attack.

Writing in two languages

Over time it became very time consuming for me to write in German and Spanish. In addition, I travelled so much and experienced so much that I often couldn’t keep up with writing. That’s why the frequency of my publications had decreased.

Hacking Attack

A few months ago, a hacker gained access to my webspace and deposited harmful files on it. I’ve had a website for many years and something like this had never happened to me before. That’s why I didn’t create backups of my files. And since my WordPress system consists of several thousand files, I couldn’t differentiate which files were added by the hacker. Because of this hacking attack, my provider blocked the access to my site.

New Website after the hacking attack

So I had to take my old blog completely off the net. But I don’t think that this is so tragic. Because I am just starting a new chapter in my life and it fits to have a new website for it. So if you’re wondering where my old blog has gone – that’s the explanation! And what did I learn from the hacking attack? I now create my 16-digit passwords with a password generator and organize the many passwords with a manager software.

English Language

I like the new site better anyway and I have learned from my mistakes. I will regularly make a backup of the whole webspace. And yes: from now on everything is completely in English. On the one hand, because it saves me a lot of work. On the other hand, because I can reach people who speak neither German nor Spanish.

Here you have the old and the new blog design for comparison:

Old Blog before the hacking attack
Old and new blog design



  1. Gerardo Mora

    It sucks!!! I didn t know at all about the hacker affaire… Were you already in deutschland? Or were still in argentina when it happened? It is interesting the way making your escritos all in english… all the people around you and around this website we will be more engaged to each other and not separated in motherlanguages… we are citizens of the world carajo!
    Abrazos Nilsito!!!

    • Nils Manuel Mora

      Jajaja! Fue cuando todavia estaba en Argentina. Pero no tenia ni 0 ganas de ocuparme en ese momento.


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