Journey to Argentina

For me, the biggest event of recent years is my Journey to Argentina and my one-year stay in my hometown Bariloche. From August 2017 to August 2018 I visited my paternal family there. But I was not just a visitor… I built up a real, independent life there. I had my own small house, my work, my friends, my everyday life.

Journey to my home country

Departure to my home country Argentina
Departure to Argentina

As a child, at the age of 11, I had moved from Argentina to Germany and had left my so-far-life quite abruptly behind. Well, after 23 years, I was able to pick up on this time again and rediscover many sides of myself. In my memory, it was the most beautiful and happiest year of my life. I emerged from it as a new person: with more faith in life and self-confidence and with plenty of experiences.

I could never summarize this year in a single blog post. But maybe I can give a few impressions, without any intention of assigning them some kind of value (eg “the most important thing”):

Argentina means Family-Time

Birthday party in my home country Argentina
Blowing out the birthday candle

First, there is the time with my very large family: There were many birthday parties, trips, shared barbecues (Argentine: Asado), conversations and hugs. I remember my own birthday party in particular.

House building in Argentina

Then there was my work on the construction site of my aunt. Together with two construction workers, the site manager and the architect, I helped to build a small house and learned so much about it.

Journey to Patagonia – Argentina

Kayaking on crystal clear water
Kayaking at Lago Guillelmo

The summer in Nahuel Huapi National Park was simply indescribable. Almost every week, we went on larger trips, mountaineering, kayaking, camping or swimming at one of the many lakes.

A musical journey: Taking guitar lessons

I took guitar lessons with Martin Boschile, from the band Rola Gitana, in flamenco style. I was able to make significant progress in my play and it was also incredible fun.

Journey through Argentina: Buenos Aires and Córdoba

Buenos Aires - Argentina's capital
Visiting my brother in Buenos Aires

Then I was able to get to know the cities of Buenos Aires and Córdoba and I am absolutely thrilled by them. Even though Buenos Aires is way too big in my opinion, I have been able to discover very special places there and in Córdoba, where I felt really comfortable.

My souvenir from the journey to Argentina: New Friendships

But the biggest treasure I take with me are the new friendships that have given me so many new impulses and inspirations. Even if it is not easy from the distance, I try to keep in contact as good as possible. There are so many memories and indescribable moments of happiness that I will carry in my heart forever.

The conclusion is: I feel the utmost gratitude and reverence for this generous life!



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