Hiking to Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle

On Sunday, November 11, 2018, we made a wonderful hike in the Swabian Jura. This is a low mountain range in southern Germany. The special thing about this mountain range is that the northwest flank consists of an impressive steep slope. This topographical feature allows an overwhelming view of the landscape extending to the west (towards Stuttgart).  The Zeller Horn, at 912 m above sea level, offers the best views of Hohenzollern Castle on this steep slope.


MeetUp Logo
MeetUp Logo

The special thing about this hike was that I didn’t know any of the participants at first. I recently got to know the mobile app MeetUp and can only recommend it to anyone who likes to be surrounded by new and interesting people: When you register with MeetUp, you first enter your hobbies and interests and then your place of residence. The app then lists all events and meetings that match your interests and take place nearby. Anyone can offer events at MeetUp and anyone can join them. I have the impression that this service is mainly used by international people. On our hike we had a mixed bag with Brazil, France, Poland, Serbia, Argentina and Germany. Simply great!

Hiking route

3D-Map-View - Zeller Horn and Hohenzollern
3D-Map-View – Zeller Horn and Hohenzollern

Starting point of our hike was the parking lot Stocken, near Onstmettingen. We hiked a total of 16 km, most of it along the already mentioned steep flank of the Swabian Jura. Unfortunately, there were rain showers again and again and due to the wind, it was quite cold. But the castle Hohenzollern which appeared time and again between the autumnally colored trees was more than enough compensation for the moderate weather.

Inside the Castle

Inside Hohenzollern Castle
Inside Hohenzollern Castle

After about five hours we got back to our cars. The sky cleared up and the sun bathed everything in golden light. We decided to take the cars directly to the castle and arrived only ten minutes before closing time. So they let us in for free and we could get an impression of this huge castle. The evening sunset could hardly have been more beautiful. A really great day!

Oliver, the organizer of the hike, made a nice video of the event. I recommend you to take part in one of Oliver’s activities. He just created a new website: http://dreamweavers-journey.com.

Here is the video:

And some photos:

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  • Gracie

    me encanta que este espiritu de conexión con la naturaleza y de nuevas relaciones siga tan vital. Abrazo fuerte

    • Nils Manuel Mora

      Gracias!!! Y si… eso es lo que quiero tratar de descubrir: Puedo ser la misma persona en Argentina y en Alemania? La naturaleza y las relaciones son lo mio… Un abrazo!!!

  • Gerardo Mora

    Buenisima aventura

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