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Hiking in the Triglav National Park

Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih

The easternmost part of the Alps is in Slovenia and is called the Julian Alps. For a long time, we had wanted to hike there. It is more natural, untouched and wilder than in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Italy. Let me take you with us on a wonderful 72 km hiking week in the Triglav National Park
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On snowshoes in Switzerland

On Snowshoes in Switzerland

2018 was a year full of experiences, changes, growth and broadening of my horizon. At the end of the year, I needed a holiday that would enable me to process all these impressions and let them pass in review. Snowshoeing in Switzerland was just the thing! Four unforgettable days in Val Müstair with a perfect mixture of physical activity and relaxation. read more »

Journey to Argentina

Departure to Argentina

For me, the biggest event of recent years is my one-year stay in my hometown Bariloche, Argentina. From August 2017 to August 2018 I visited my paternal family there. But I was not just a visitor… I built up a real, independent life there: I had my own small house, my work, my friends, my everyday life. read more »

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