Project: Antarctica

Today I watched the movie Project: Antarctica – The Journey of our Lifetime. The movie is completely different from what I had expected. And probably just because of that, I liked it so much. It’s about three Germans, Tim, Dennis, and Michael, who travel to Antarctica and create a movie. For me as a travel, nature, and photography enthusiast, this was very interesting. I imagined spectacular scenery and wildlife pictures. I was also worried that it might be one of those self-staging projects that I often find on Instagram and Facebook. We’re doing everything for a little more attention and fame on Social Networks.

Take a stand for your Projects

But the film is neither a nature documentary nor a rousing self-propaganda. It’s about how much you should fight for your goals, even if everyone else thinks you are crazy. It’s about how to deal with obstacles in life. And above all, it is also about how incredibly often we are too focused on our plans. We have so specific expectations of how things should be, that the real-life passes by and we don’t even notice. The three Antarctic adventurers face many difficulties and adverse weather conditions. Only when they acknowledge that they won’t get the expected film footage, they begin to perceive the true magic of travelling. A very inspiring film! And yes, some spectacular footage was also included, even if it’s not this glossy National-Geographic-Style material.

After the film, the three main actors (Tim, Dennis and Michael) came to the cinema and we still had the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback.

For your Project Antarctica: Avoid Argentine bureaucracy

Unfortunately, the film also gave me another reason to be ashamed of my native country, Argentina. Because the biggest obstacle of the whole Project: Antarctica, was not the threatening nature, the extreme cold, seasickness, the finances. No. The biggest obstacle was the Argentine customs. Every scientist, researcher, and tourist from all over the world know: Never travel to Antarctica via Argentina. You will only have problems with the bureaucracy. Travel via Chile! On my own Journey to Argentina, I was able to experience the poorly functioning bureaucracy for myself.

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