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Hiking to Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle

On Sunday, November 11, 2018, we made a wonderful hike in the Swabian Jura. This is a low mountain range in southern Germany. The special thing about this mountain range is that the northwest flank consists of an impressive steep slope. This topographical feature allows an overwhelming view of the landscape extending to the west (towards Stuttgart).  The Zeller Horn, at 912 m above sea level, offers the best views of Hohenzollern Castle on this steep slope. read more »

Around the world with 50 euros

Mit 50 Euro um die Welt

I’ve just finished reading the German book “Mit 50 Euro um die Welt” (Around the world with 50 euros) and I’m pretty excited about it. It’s probably not a literary masterpiece, but it fits 100% into my life – into what inspires, captivates and magically attracts me: Travel and discover the world! In this book, the German Christopher Schacht tells the story of his four-year trip completely once west around the globe! He starts from home (somewhere near Hamburg) with only 50 Euro and never uses an airplane. read more »

Hiking along Burgensteig


On 13th of October 2018 we participated in the Megamarsch-Frankfurt. It’s an event where you try to hike 100 km in 24 hours. About 1700 people took part and only 500 made it through the finish line. We got to kilometer 40 and it took us exactly eight hours. It was great fun, even though the organization of the event was incredibly bad. If you are interested in walking a Megamarsch, I recommend the Megamarsch-Munich, in which I participated in 2016. Much nicer than the actual Megamarsch, was my training hike over the Burgensteig, on 09th of October 2018. The Burgensteig is a hiking trail that leads from Heidelberg – over a total of 120 km – to Darmstadt. It also passes my hometown Weinheim. So I started early in the morning at home and made a total of 45 km to Zwingenberg and passed a lot of beautiful places: read more »

Project: Antarctica

Project: Antarctica

Today I watched the movie Project: Antarctica – The Journey of our Lifetime in the Odeon-Cinema in Mannheim. The movie is completely different from what I had expected, and probably just because of that I liked it so much: It’s about three Germans, Tim, Dennis and Michael, who take the spontaneous decision to travel to Antarctica and create a movie about it. Of course, for me as a travel, nature and photography enthusiast, this was very interesting at first. I imagined that the film would offer spectacular scenery and wildlife pictures. And when I saw the trailer, I was also worried that it might be one of those self-staging projects that I often find on Instagram and Facebook (I feel like we’re ready to do everything for a little more attention and fame). read more »

Crossing the Alps

Mountain Goat over Meran

On 28th of August 2018 it was finally done: Ina and I completed successfully our crossing of the Alps from Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany), via Austria, to Lake Garda (Italy). This led to mixed feelings on both of us: On the one hand, we were naturally proud and happy to have reached our destination – but on the other hand, we were also a little sad that this adventure was over now.

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